R for Research- An R Course

This is a  training course (previously delivered at the School of Business, University of Southampton) on R programming, data exploration, introduction to visualisation and regression analysis with R. The course can be custom designed for students' needs and is targetted towards beginner to intermediate R user. Please get in touch to discuss if you want the course at your campus. 

The material for the course is derived from  the R for Finance & Economics: A Beginners Guide book. A sample content can cover:

R2 - R for Research

  • Programming Basics
    • Loops, Logical Operators and Functions
  • Data Exploration in R
    • Summary Statistics
    • Basic Graphs in R
    • Short Introduction to ggplot2
  • Regression Analysis in R
    • Linear Regression
    • Quantile Regression
    • Panel Regression
    • Example-Quantile Regression Analysis of Factor Models

Picture from a recent workshop conducting at ECU, Perth (Nov-2017)

Picture from a recent workshop conducting at ECU, Perth (Nov-2017)

Handouts from a recent workshop at Macquarie University are available here Resources